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Epoch Lacrosse

iD Player Gloves

iD Player Gloves

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The iD Gloves is engineered with many of the same features found in our industry leading Integra gloves. Epoch’s iD gloves provide great protection while remaining lightweight and comfortable....
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  • Lightweight for quickness
  • PU Leather and Ventilated Fabric
  • Tri-Layer Dual Density Foam: Yes
  • Nash, vented, reinforced palm
  • Extended Cuff: Yes
  • Warranty: 30-days

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The Epoch iD protective collection was designed for the emerging lacrosse player. Engineered with some of the most popular features and technology on the market, iD is designed to provide safe and comfortable performance at the best value in the game. If you are in the market for high performing gloves, arm pads and shoulder pads, iD is the only choice for you.

Tri-layer Dual Density Foam

Protection is paramount in the design of all lacrosse equipment. We created a Tri-Layer Dual Density Foam Stack, which layers up the foam (in stacks) with the softer foam on the bottom layer and a denser polyethylene on the top layer for hit/impact protection.

Extended Cuff

Players also made it clear that they wanted gloves with a cuff that moved with their style of play while also being protective.  Up until now gloves have had big/bulky cuffs that either reduced the movement of your wrist, or were so small that they offered little to no protection.  We took a unique approach and extended the cuff allowing the protective portion to remain out of the way when you flex your wrist (great for face-off guys), improving your range of motion while also providing you with the comfort you desire.

Nash, Vented, Reinforced Palm

The material used in the construction of the palm was  carefully considered.  The Epoch iD features a nash, vented, reinforced palm.