Turtle Island Lacrosse Collection

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The turtle island collection

Turtle Island Lacrosse was founded by current professional lacrosse players Randy Staats and Brendan Bomberry. The two have developed a curriculum to provide groups and individual players with access to the knowledge and experiences that they gained themselves during each stage of their careers. Their ultimate goal is to spread the knowledge of their culture as Haudenosaunee people and the game throughout Turtle Island and beyond.

A portion of the proceeds from the Turtle Island Apparel and Shaft Collection will go towards outreach missions that promote inclusion and growth in high need areas. These areas consist of Indigenous communities and inner-city programs. These outreach missions work to ensure that everyone has the chance to experience the game gifted by the Creator. Turtle Island Lacrosse and Epoch Lacrosse believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to play this game and enjoy it. By supporting this apparel and shaft collection you are helping diminish the financial burdens associated with the modern game.

Brendan Bomberry

Turtle Island Lacrosse Founder

Randy Staats

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