neugeneration collection

The Neugeneration Collection

Make a statement with this bold yet sophisticated collection designed by the world’s best defenseman, Jarrod Neumann and his NeuGeneration brand. Inspired by high-fashion brands, the NeuGeneration Fall 2020 collection showcases a gold pattern set against a black background for a unique look that is great for a night on the town or practicing your two-bombs on the field.

Jarrod, known for his premium fashion tastes, likes to “look good” when out on the town. You can often see him on Instagram looking fresh and ready for a big night in the latest trends or traditional vibes. Jarrod took an active role in the look and feel of his collection and wanted functional styles that felt more high-end than your typical activewear.

The Neugeneration collection is highlighted by the custom designed Rochester scuba neck Tech Fleece with Air-Flow, offering a sophisticated and fresh look that is versatile and functional for the life of a pro-athlete.