Nation United Foundation We Stand Initiative

Nation United Foundation We Stand Initiative

The Nation United Foundation's "We Stand Initiative" purpose is to create a sense of belonging for all within the sports community by shifting the culture to one that firmly opposes unjust or prejudicial treatment based on racial bias, socioeconomic and familial status, sexual orientation, physical abilities or gender identity. By purchasing a t-shirt you will be supporting the purpose and goals to create change within the sports community.

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Nation United’s impact extends beyond the game. In the next 3-5 years we project that we will contribute to increasing African-American participation in NCAA Lacrosse to 10-12% and overall minority participation to 12-15%. We understand that broad representation in a sport adds significant value to the participants. Additionally, exposure to sports and physical activity is often a catalyst for expanding skills, relationships and experiences. The United States Lacrosse Association notes that, “…different perspectives lead to better decisions, greater appreciation of people from all walks of life, increased creativity and innovation, enhanced team reputation and culture.”

This is bigger than lacrosse. Nation United provides an opportunity for exposure and connection amongst players who are often accustomed to being the only person of color on their teams. It also broadens the perspective of our players who are accustomed to being the majority. The success of these players on and off the field, shows what is possible when the idea of diversity and inclusion is truly embraced.

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