Epoch Movement Collection

Apparel is Made to order and ships in 7-10 business days.

Epoch Movement

We are proud to introduce our apparel collection; Movement. Inspired and Designed by Epoch Athletes, our Summer 2020 collections brings style, sophistication and function to the lacrosse world both on and off the field.

Using the latest in manufacturing advancements, each item is Made to Order (MTO) and processed using our Single Piece Flow Technology engineered to deliver high-quality, finely made goods right to your doorstep.   Our Single Piece Flow Technology is a departure from the mass-produced goods the apparel industry has traditionally relied on. With no minimum order quantities (MOQ’s) we are no longer bound by large purchase commitments that limit both creativity and ability to offer a full selection of gear.

Each item is cut, decorated and sewn after the purchase is made, drastically eliminating waste, close-outs and ensures each garment is given artisan-like attention.

Epoch’s design team has worked with some of the top fabric mills and manufacturing plants to create our Movement Collection. From our buttery soft Cotton-ester to our ultra-comfortable Tech Fleece we chose materials that are purposeful and practical for each item.  Our team looked for items that were high-quality, promoted longevity and demonstrated key properties to make a good-looking garment, such as great color-saturation and accuracy with the ability for virtually unlimited shading.