Players: How to Choose a Head

Players: How to Choose a Head

Players: How to Choose Your Next Head

The head: it may be the first thing you picture when you think of a lacrosse stick, and for good reason – the head and its pocket go hand in hand in determining level of play and performance. How can you score goals, get ground balls, or make interceptions without one?


Those are three key things that can make purchasing a head seem like the most important decision you’ll make when it comes to buying lacrosse gear. The task can be daunting to even the most experienced player, but with the right help, choosing a head can change from a burden into an opportunity to amplify your own skill set. Here, we’ll outline a couple key considerations you should take into account as you embark on your journey.


Choosing a Head: Shape & Pocket


The first thing to think about: what style of play do you favor? This has a lot to do with both the shape of the head itself as well as the pocket that will be used with it, and can lead you to the perfect head.


In the men’s game, for the defensive minded player, consider a head with lots of structure and struts in the rails to stay strong when delivering checks, a broader face shape in order to better intercept passes, and perhaps a higher pocket. On the opposite end of the field for the offensive-minded player, speed and control are key. The Epoch Z-One head, the culmination of peak technology and engineering, directly addresses these concerns. It offers a narrow face shape and high flair combined with a low, deep pocket (though there are a variety of available stringing options) designed especially for prolific goal scorers. Professional lacrosse players and athletes Matt Rambo and Dylan Molloy helped design the Z-One to ensure that it’s one of the best offensive heads on the market.


Alternatively, in the women’s game, recent rule changes have drastically opened up design possibilities for heads. At the same time, the nature of the game means that defenders, midfielders, and attackers alike often rely on the same type of pocket for the ultimate performance. As such, you’ll want to find a head produced by a company that is attentive to the game and receptive to the preferences of its players.


Responding to the near universal tendency of women players to favor a high pocket, the Epoch Purpose 15° head takes advantage of the changing landscape of the women’s game. Epoch engineers designed a completely innovative 15° bottom rail that drives the ball into the sweet spot at all times. This enhances hold and ball control, important in all areas of the field for all types of play. The University of North Carolina women’s lacrosse team jumped at the opportunity to use these game-changing heads and, with Purpose 15° in their arsenal, made a run to the NCAA Final Four in 2019.


In all of their heads, Epoch provides professional U.S. stringing that don’t require any break-in time. This means that you can take your new head right to practice and simply play without worrying about throwing an errant pass or being unable to catch. The pockets themselves have been designed specifically to suit each head and its individual technologies.


Choosing A Head: Quality and Technology


Above all, when deciding what head you’re going to buy, the most important thing to think about is the quality of the product you’re looking at. Cutting edge technology and player-focused engineering is the core of Epoch Lacrosse, and it shows in the products they deliver – the products that will help you take your game to the next level.

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