Parents: How To Help Choose A Head

Parents: How To Help Choose A Head

Parents: How To Help Your Player Choose A Head

If you’re reading this, your kid is on the market for a new lacrosse head. While s/he may know what s/he wants, you might not be so familiar with what makes one lacrosse head different from the next – or maybe your kid doesn’t really know what to look for either. Precisely for that reason, here’s a quick guide of things to consider before you help your son or daughter choose a new head. Pro tip – it’s not as difficult as you might think.


The Basic Point


The most important thing to do when deciding what head to buy for your child is find a brand that cares about the growth of your player as evidenced by its commitment to design and engineering. Epoch Lacrosse fits that description, and its team offers heads that are developed specifically for your player’s style of play and strung professionally in the U.S. to maximize performance.


Choosing a Head for the Men’s Game


Before you dive into a search of Epoch heads, ask your child about his or her preferred style of play. Is he more defensive-minded? Does she like to score and run the offense instead? The answers to these questions can help to specify what type of head you should be looking at: its face shape, its structure, and even its pocket.


In the men’s game, a more defensively focused player may want to consider using a head that has a broader face shape to intercept passes and a stronger, more durable structure with struts in the rails to withstand checks. In addition, that player may gravitate towards a higher pocket. Conversely, an attack-minded player might be on the lookout for a head that provides excellent speed and control.


Epoch has a deep knowledge and understanding of these styles of play and develops highly innovative products accordingly. For example, their Epoch Z One head, the culmination of peak technology and engineering, caters to offensive-minded concerns. It offers a narrow face shape and high flair combined with a low, deep pocket designed especially for prolific goal scorers by prolific goal scorers like Matt Rambo and Dylan Molloy (though your player can take advantage of one of the many different stringing options if he prefers).


Choosing a Head for the Women’s Game


If you’re looking for a head for your daughter and you’ve been around the women’s game for a few years, you may have realized that the game is changing quickly and for the better. If not, that’s okay – we’re here to catch you up on the growth and explain its effects on the search for a head.


Recent rule changes have drastically opened up design possibilities for heads. Because the game has been evolving, heads should be developing too. Epoch Lacrosse has stepped up to meet that demand, relying on their in-house engineering and design team to deliver a game-changing product unlike any other: the Purpose 15° head.


Responding to the near universal preference among women’s defenders, midfielders, and attackers for a high pocket, the Epoch Purpose 15° takes advantage of the dynamic landscape of the women’s game with its innovative 15° bottom rail. This new technology drives the ball into the sweet spot at all times to enhance hold and ball control all over the field. Utilizing their Purpose 15° heads for next-level performance, the University of North Carolina women’s lacrosse team earned a berth in the NCAA Final Four this season.


In the end, helping your child choose a new head is not as complicated and intense as it may seem. By picking a high-performing and innovative company like Epoch to base your search, it only takes a few more considerations to land on a great head. An Epoch head is engineered to best suit your child’s style of play and makes use of professional stringing to eliminate any frustrating break-in time, meaning that your player can jump right into practice and perform.

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