Coaches: How To Help Your Players Choose A Head

Coaches: How To Help Your Players Choose A Head

Coaches: Choosing The Right Head For Your Players

Every coach wants their players to be able to perform to best of their abilities, and part of that performance has to do with what gear the athletes are using. When looking at heads, there seems to be an infinite pool of options that can make efficiently picking a brand (much less a specific head) to buy from appear next to impossible. In order to help coaches focus on the X’s and O’s rather than gear selection, here are the first steps to take in the search for the right heads for the team.


The Baseline


Before they pick a head to buy coaches should first consider potential companies to buy from. When placing an order for a large group, efficiency is key. Epoch Lacrosse works to ensure that the buying process is as simple as possible. The attentiveness and quality of the sales team results in a quick turnaround time for any order and there are countless customization options to choose from. Whether you’re buying for a team or an association, Epoch will provide the highest-performance head in any quantity needed at the right price.


Finding A Head for the Men’s Game


Now that you’ve selected a brand, it’s time to consider what heads to purchase from them. In this step, the most important thing to do is consider the various styles of play on your team. The answer to that question will guide you towards the ideal face shape, structure, and even pocket for a head. For example, for the defensive player, a head with a broader face shape and strong structure in the rails is best equipped to intercept passes and withstand heavy checks. A high pocket is also often well suited to this type of player.


In contrast, the attack-focused player may benefit from a different combination of head and pocket, one that enhances speed and control to maximize offensive production. The Epoch Z One head, the culmination of peak technology and innovative engineering, caters to these concerns. It offers a narrow face shape and high flair combined with a low, deep pocket (though there are a variety of available custom stringing options) designed especially for prolific goal scorers by professional athletes like Matt Rambo and Dylan Molloy.


Finding a Head for the Women’s Game


Traditionally, women’s heads have been limited in design due to the restrictions of the rule book, making the search for a head seem repetitive with each virtually indistinguishable from the next. However, recent changes to the rules of the women’s game have opened up a plethora of design possibilities.


Epoch Lacrosse was the first company to take advantage of the altered landscape of the game and their in-house engineering and design team soon introduced the radical and elite Purpose 15° head. Responding to the consistent preference among women players for a high pocket, the Purpose 15° head uses its 15° bottom rail to drive the ball into the sweet spot at all times. This enhances hold and ball control, important in all areas of the field, and makes the Purpose 15° head an excellent option for any kind of player.  The Purpose 15° head is a staple for the University of North Carolina women’s lacrosse team, who fought their way to the 2019 NCAA Final Four with Epoch by their side.


In the end, across the men’s and women’s game and across all styles of play, Epoch provides professional and personalized service along with heads that are engineered specifically for every player on your team using the most innovative technology on the market.

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