Breaking Down the Integra Select Glove

Breaking Down the Integra Select Glove

Breaking Down the Integra Select Glove

Gloves: they’re the only thing shielding your hand from the hits and impact of the game. And when your hand is controlling the stick -- scoring goals, causing turnovers, or rifling off assists -- you want to do everything you can to both protect it and make sure that it has total feel and range of motion for the ultimate performance. Coming straight from an engineering team of lacrosse players who understand these concerns, the Epoch Integra Select Glove is designed for the emerging player who is looking for the best in comfort and protection. Four expert technologies – Dual Density Foam, traditional fingertips, a One-Piece Ax Suede palm, and an extended cuff – utilized in the Integra Select glove work together to maximize feel and control without sacrificing protection.


Dual Density Foam:


First things first: protection. It’s absolutely paramount in the design of all lacrosse equipment, and that’s certainly true here with the Integra Select glove. Epoch engineers created Tri-Layer Dual Density foam to make sure that your hand is completely guarded. The foam is layered in stacks with the softest foam on the bottom layer closest to you and the denser polyethylene layer on the top for hit and impact protection.


Traditional Fingertips:


Next up: feel. There’s nothing worse than playing in a glove with fingertips so thick or ungainly that it feels like your stick is miles away from your hand. Luckily, the Integra Select boasts a new feature for 2019 to render this problem irrelevant: Epoch’s traditional finger gussets that give athletes a familiar feel during play.


Extended Cuff:


After that: mobility. Other gloves have big and bulky cuffs that greatly reduce the movement of your wrist, limiting what you can do on the field. But, Epoch’s unique extended cuff allows the protective portion to remain out of the way when you flex your wrist to improve your range of motion. In addition, Integra Select has a removable cuff strap that allows you to custom-tailor the fit of your glove to match your style of play.


One-Piece Ax Suede Palm:


Finally: more on feel and control. Sweaty palms – they used to be a staple of the thick material of gloves, but not any longer. The construction of the palm in the Integra Select was carefully considered to avoid this problem. The one-piece palm features Ax Suede, great for its moisture wicking characteristics and superior feel and control.  


The End Product:


From its pads to the palm, the Integra Select glove is designed specifically for protection, comfort, and mobility. Technologies devised and developed by Epoch engineers come to a head in the glove to maximize feel and control for the emerging player. Another iteration of the popular Integra glove, the Integra Select continues the tradition of high performance innovation, resulting in this preeminent piece of protective, competitive gear.

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