Breaking Down the Integra Elite Glove

Breaking Down the Integra Elite Glove

The best lacrosse players demand the best equipment. Gloves may be the most important piece of protective gear as they join the body and the stick: with poor feel or restricted motion from a generic glove, even the greatest player’s performance would be limited. Responding to the demands of those at the pinnacle of the sport, Epoch Lacrosse and its engineers have developed the new Integra Elite glove. This glove ensures a seamless connection between player and gear by utilizing a combination of impressive and innovative technologies such as Tri-Layer Dual Density Foam, an Ax Suede Palm, high performance Ariaprene foam, a Carbon Fiber thumb, and Player Core Control featuring S.Café. To better understand how the Integra Elite glove maximizes feel, design, and control, let’s dive into each of these aspects.

Tri-Layer Dual Density Foam:

Above all else, a glove is meant for protection, which is absolutely paramount in the design of any and all lacrosse equipment. Epoch’s Tri-Layer Dual Density Foam was created to maximize protection while also ensuring comfort and mobility. Foam is layered in stacks with the softer foam on the bottom layer close to the player and the denser polyethylene on the top layer for hit and impact protection.


Located in the slash zone of the Integra Elite glove, Ariaprene is a foam-core material with clean technology that’s designed to feel and perform like a second skin. In a glove, this means that the player experiences unrestricted movement control, ensuring the ultimate mobility as well as comfort and protection.

Composite Material:

Epoch already uses composite material to make its shafts and they’ve added it into their Integra protective. The non-rigid stabilized composite material is extremely lightweight and “flexible,” while also working to protect the ever-vulnerable thumb.


Ax Suede Palm:

To further enhance feel and control, the Integra Elite glove features a one-piece palm made of Ax Suede. This material is also moisture-wicking to ensure your palm isn’t left too sweaty either.

Player Core Control:

A new technology for the Integra Elite glove is Player Core Control featuring S.Café technology. Using a low-temperature, high-pressure, and energy saving process for the environmentally-savvy player, S.Café technology integrates coffee grounds into the yarn surface. This changes the characteristics of the filament and provides four beneficial functions: moisture control, in which drying time is reduced dramatically due to the movement of moisture away from the skin and into the whole S.Café area; UV protection, created as a result of the microscopic pores of the coffee grounds; odor control, a long-lasting property caused by the absorption of odors by coffee grounds; and an ice cool touch that can cool down your skin temperature by about 1° to 2° Celsius compared to common fabric.

Putting It All Together:

Once again, Epoch engineers have delivered some of the best in lacrosse protective equipment. Building on the popular Integra line, the Integra Elite glove combines the innovative Tri-Layer Dual Density Foam, extended cuff, and Ax Suede palm of earlier gloves with brand new Player Core Control technologies to create the ultimate piece of protective, competitive equipment. Designed for the best and featuring the best technology on the market, the Integra Elite glove creates a seemingly uninterrupted connection between hand and shaft for the perfect feel.

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