Breaking Down the Integra Pro Glove

Breaking Down the Integra Pro Glove

Breaking Down the Integra Pro Glove

Integra just got an upgrade. A top-tier glove for the top-tier player, Epoch’s Integra Pro player glove is designed for those who want the very best in protection and comfort. Featuring some of Epoch’s game-changing technologies like Tri-Layer Dual Density Foam, high-performance Ariaprene foam, Ax Suede palm, and brand-new Player Core Control with S.Café, the Integra Pro glove is engineered to perform.


Tri-Layer Dual Density Foam:


Above all else, a glove is meant for protection, which is absolutely paramount in the design of any and all lacrosse equipment. Epoch’s Tri-Layer Dual Density Foam was created to maximize protection while also ensuring comfort and mobility. Foam is layered in stacks with the softer foam on the bottom layer close to the player and the denser polyethylene on the top layer for hit and impact protection.




Located in the slash zone of the Integra Pro glove, Ariaprene is a clean technology foam core that’s designed to feel and perform like a second skin. In a glove, this means that the player experiences unrestricted movement control, ensuring the ultimate mobility as well as protection and comfort.


Ax Suede Palm:


No one likes to play in a sweaty glove with thick material that makes it seem like you can’t hold your stick properly. You know this and Epoch’s team of lacrosse-playing engineers knows it too. As a result, the Integra Pro glove features a one-piece palm made of Ax Suede that’s highly breathable so your palm isn’t left too sweaty while also maximizing feel and control.


Player Core Control:


A new technology for the Integra Pro glove is Player Core Control featuring S.Café technology. Using a low-temperature, high-pressure, and energy saving process for the environmentally-savvy player, S.Café technology integrates coffee grounds into the yarn surface. This changes the characteristics of the filament and provides four beneficial functions: moisture control, in which drying time is reduced dramatically due to the movement of moisture away from the skin and into the whole S.Café area; UV protection, created as a result of the microscopic pores of the coffee grounds; odor control, a long-lasting property caused by the absorption of odors by coffee grounds; and an ice cool touch that can cool down your skin temperature by about 1° to 2° Celsius compared to common fabric.


The Complete Package:


Epoch’s Integra Pro glove brings high-level performance to high-level players. Building on the Integra line of protective equipment, Epoch engineers have brought innovative technologies like Tri-Layer Dual Density Foam and a Carbon Fiber thumb into concert with the new, environmentally-conscious Player Core Control. The result? An ultra competitive, game-changing product that allows for extreme mobility and protection while ensuring a seamless connection between player and gear.

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