Breaking Down the Integra Elite Arm Pad

Breaking Down the Integra Elite Arm Pad

Lacrosse is a contact sport. And at the highest level in the Premier Lacrosse League, having protective equipment that shields you from checks and impact without sacrificing mobility and comfort is a must. Our Integra Elite men’s protective is specifically designed and engineered to meet that requirement.

Tested and proven out in the PLL to ensure that it can stand up to the hardest of hits, Integra Elite protective is used by the best athletes in the league including points and assists leader Matt Rambo. Rambo uses the Integra Elite Arm Pads with multi-density foam, hard shell cap with composite material, and a form-fitting compression sleeve for optimal performance and protection while dodging from the crease and making great feeds. Check out his IGTV breaking down his gear bag to learn more about his set-up.

The Integra Elite line also features arm guards, elbow caps, d-caps, shoulder pads, and player and goalie gloves to keep you fully covered. Plus, each piece of gear has been shown to perform at the very highest level of the game, so you can have no doubts about their quality. Head to epochlacrosse.com to grab your own gear today.

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