A Closer Look at the iD Vision Head

A Closer Look at the iD Vision Head

Ever wonder what head the two PLL leaders in caused turnovers use on the field? We’ve got an answer for you. Archers defenseman Matt McMahon and Redwoods LSM John Sexton, the 2020 league leaders in CTs, both use the Epoch iD Vision head for ultimate performance.

The iD Vision head is designed with a mid-to-low Zone 2 pocket that offers ideal control without sacrificing a flawless release. It also has a Flex iQ of 3 that gives it a more dynamic feel for versatile players. While engineered at first for the U14+ player to give them the same innovation and technology as Epoch’s elite-level heads, the iD Vision has become a fast favorite of professional players like McMahon and Sexton.

In fact, McMahon and Sexton aren’t alone in their use of the iD Vision set-up; defenseman Tyson Bell of Chaos also uses the iD Vision. The combination of the Dragonfly Elite shaft plus the iD Vision gives these athletes technological benefits that are meant to help improve performance game after game. Check out to learn more about the iD Vision set-up and grab one for yourself.

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