The Purpose 15 Buyer's Guide

The Purpose 15 Buyer's Guide

The Purpose 15 Buyer's Guide

The game of women’s lacrosse is changing, and it’s changing fast. The recent rule changes have broadened the realm of design possibilities for women’s heads. To perform at your best in this exciting new version of the game, you need to have the products that are going to give you the necessary feel and control to take your game to the next level.


However, it can seem difficult to find that perfect stick when there are hundreds to choose from and so many of them look the same. Luckily, there’s only one women’s stick that breaks the status quo with its innovative engineering and design: the Epoch Purpose 15°. Created specifically with the new generation of elite athletes in mind, the Purpose 15° is changing the landscape of women’s lacrosse with its ground-breaking technology.


The Head:


Regardless of what position you play, it’s more than likely that you prefer a high pocket in your head. You can only shoot, pass, or dodge effectively when the ball is high up in that pocket, so you want it to stay there all the time when you’re playing.


What separates the Purpose 15° head from its competitors is its answer to this desire for a permanent sweet spot: a 15° bottom rail. Epoch engineers developed the Purpose 15° head and its new bottom rail to drive the ball high up into the pocket, allowing you to execute a dodge or throw a pass perfectly every time. Additionally, the constant hold guaranteed by the Purpose 15° maximizes your feel and control to give you consistency, power, and accuracy in everything you do on the field.


Designed by women for women, the Purpose 15° also comes with a couple of professional stringing options. You can tie it up with a ladder pocket or a Pro Mesh pocket that uses HT Poly Mesh to protect its integrity in all weather conditions.


The Shaft:


 Complete your setup with a Dragonfly Purpose shaft, the most technologically advanced carbon fiber composite shaft in the game. Reflecting the importance of personal preference, the Dragonfly Purpose comes in two different widths and also offers a 1-year warranty. If you really want to display your Purpose 15° head in style, you can pick a Techno-color Dragonfly Purpose shaft in blue, purple, or red.


Bringing the Two Together:


A changing game requires adaptation, and the Epoch Purpose 15° will help you evolve. The patent-pending 15° bottom rail consistently drives the ball up into the sweet spot to give you the ultimate feel and control. Combined with the Dragonfly Purpose carbon fiber composite shaft, the Purpose 15° set up is guaranteed to take your game to the next level.

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