So He Wants To Play Lacrosse: A Gear Guide for the Young Player

So He Wants To Play Lacrosse: A Gear Guide for the Young Player

So He Wants To Play Lacrosse: A Gear Guide for the Young Player

Lacrosse season is beginning and it’s time to start thinking about gear for your young player. Whether he just expressed interest in playing the sport or he’s outgrown his previous set of equipment, we’re here to help you through the process.


First Steps:


Lacrosse is a contact sport, so there’s a fair amount of required gear that each player needs: a helmet, a cup, and a mouthguard, to name just a few. Be sure to check with your local association for a complete list of equipment. Gloves, shoulder pads, and arm pads are also a must for every lacrosse player. If your child is new to the game, it’s possible that he’s never worn any sort of protective equipment before. The wrong type of gear can turn into his worst nightmare: big, bulky, and totally restrictive. It can also turn into your worst nightmare: ridiculously expensive.


That’s where the Epoch iD Jr. line comes in. Made with the same attention to detail in terms of technology as Epoch’s elite level Integra collection (which is sported by pros like Matt Rambo and Dylan Molloy), Epoch engineers created all pieces of iD equipment specifically for the young and developing player. iD Jr. gloves, arm pads, and shoulder pads alike are lightweight and allow for a unique, unrestricted range of motion, but they’re also incredibly protective due to innovative dual density foam.


In addition to offering elite-level technology expertly adapted for the young player, the iD Jr. line comes at an unreal value that makes it even easier to introduce your son to the sport of lacrosse. The Starter Kit comes with gloves, arm pads, and shoulder pads – almost everything needed to start playing – at a great deal ($110 MSRP). If you’re just looking for separate pieces of gear, the combination of impressive engineering and incredible value is a constant when looking at individual gloves, arm pads, or shoulder pads in the iD Jr. line as well.




The stick is the most crucial piece of equipment in lacrosse. When your child is a beginner, the stick (and the head and pocket especially) can be the difference between catching and dropping the ball. Even when your player is more experienced with the sport, the stick can help him take his game to the next level. But, there are a lot of sticks out there offering various advantages and benefits that can seem confusing.


Again, that’s where Epoch iD Jr. jumps into the conversation to simplify the buying process while providing the best possible product for your young player. The iD Jr. complete stick is geared towards the U10 athlete. Included in this set-up are the iD Vision head, which your player can actually continue to use as he grows, and the iD Jr. alloy shaft. The iD Vision head is strung in the USA with a Pro Pocket that is modeled off those used by Rambo and Molloy. The iD Jr. shaft was engineered precisely for the U10 player. It’s slim (7/8”) for small hands, light to give the right amount of control, and shorter at 27” than a traditional 30” shaft. These three elements combine to improve feel and balance for the player.


For the older U14 competitor, the iD Vision and Dragonfly iD sticks are great options that add performance benefits through shaft technology that are suited for someone advancing into the game. You can buy the complete set (head and shaft together) or, if your son already has the iD Vision head from his iD Jr. days, you can purchase a shaft separately. The iD Vision Alloy is an excellent alternative to Epoch’s higher-level Dragonfly shafts and is engineered for young athlete who is discovering his love for the game. If your son is moving quickly through the lacrosse ranks, take a look at the Dragonfly iD shaft. It adapts the same innovative technology as Epoch’s industry-leading Dragonfly composite shafts for the elite youth player.


Best of all, Epoch’s iD, iD Vision, and iD Jr. complete sticks combine the same impressive technological innovation and great value as the protective gear, making them the right choice for youth players and parents ($150, $100, and $70 MSRP respectively). Further, they come with professional U.S. stringing specifically engineered for each head that eliminates any break-in time. This means that your young athlete can jump right into practice – whether it’s his first or fiftieth – and feel comfortable from the initial whistle.


Looking for an upgrade in protective gear as well as sticks? Epoch also offers an iD line of gear that’s a step up from its iD Jr. equipment. The iD protective is designed for the emerging player who is continuing to evolve. The two lines share an emphasis on providing comfort, mobility, and innovative protection at an impressive value, making it an easy transition from iD Jr. to iD.


 Regardless of his level of play, from beginner to experienced, Epoch engineers offer a remarkable combination of high performance and affordable gear to get your youth player ready for a fantastic season. 



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