One of a Kind Customization: Epoch Bespoke

One Of A Kind Customization: Epoch Bespoke

You can customize shoes and clothing, but when it comes to sports equipment of any kind, individual personalization is rarely an option. In the lacrosse world specifically, there’s never been a way for players to design their own gear, nor has there been a way for large groups to do the same customization without going through a sales rep. That is, until now.


Introducing Epoch Bespoke: the industry-first online customization service that allows individual players and groups alike to decide what color combinations they want to see on their gloves, arm pads/guards/caps, tie-ups, and shafts. Bespoke also allows them to add a name and number onto gloves and shafts to further distinguish their unique gear from any of their teammates’.


Personal Gear:


Epoch has taken their Integra and iD protective lines, worn by pros like Matt Rambo and Dylan Molloy, and added them to the Bespoke service, meaning that any player – from the professional to the beginner – can customize his own gear as he sees fit. The innovative technology in each piece of gear, including dual density foam and ergonomic design for ultimate mobility, can now be showcased spectacularly with the colorful display of your choosing. The same is possible for the tie-ups on the Prequel, Z One, and Purpose 15° Pro Mesh heads as well as the Dragonfly 9 and Dragonfly Integra shafts (upon which player name and number can be added too).


Once you’re done putting together their piece of gear, you can copy the URL and share the design with friends and teammates to make the process cooperative and continuous. Bespoke embodies Epoch’s belief that Design Matters and with no minimum order requirement, you can easily create your own 1 of 1 product.


Group Gear:


Bespoke is a great tool for coaches and organizers looking to buy gear for groups and teams with ease. With a few clicks of the mouse, coaches can turn their vision for a unified squad into a reality, complete with a quick turnaround so that the team can sport their new equipment as soon as possible. The gear maintains the same high quality and innovative technology as the retail option while adding a personal aesthetic. Just as effective as meeting with a sales rep and simpler for those who are pressed for time, Epoch Bespoke is the next step in group customization.


The next time you need any protective gear, a new head and tie-up, or a shaft, be sure to check out Epoch Bespoke. Perfect for the individual or a group, Bespoke is owning customization, making it easy for you to personalize your gear and step onto the field while displaying your unique, creative vision.

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