PLL Championship Series Pro Stock Gear

PLL Championship Series Pro Stock Gear

The concept of the pro stock equipment is one that’s existed in professional sports leagues for ages. For example, NHL players receive pro stock hockey sticks that feature their name and number with custom designs, molds, and specifications. The unique tailoring of these pro stock pieces of gear separates them from retail options and contributes to the professional athlete experience.

However, the pro stock model has never been used in lacrosse – until now. During the 2020 PLL Championship Series, Epoch was proud and excited to provide our athletes with their own custom pro stock shafts. In doing so, we hoped to give professional athletes the true professional experience, even in strange and turbulent times.

Our ability to design and manufacture shafts here in the USA allows us to create these custom products for our players, and it also guarantees an elite level of quality for elite performance on the field.

Visit the Epoch Instagram page for an up-close view of these unique pro stock shafts. Then, head to epochlacrosse.com to explore our range of Dragonfly Select, Pro, and Elite retail options to experience the innovation and technological benefits yourself.

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