Tradition meets innovation

Tradition meets innovation: Epoch Lacrosse Teams Up with Turtle Island Lacrosse

Epoch Lacrosse, a U.S. design and technology company that specializes in lacrosse innovation, proudly announces its partnership with Turtle Island Lacrosse(TIL).  Turtle Island Lacrosse believes that all people on Turtle Island (North America) deserve to experience the game of lacrosse and learn the cultural history of the sport. Through this partnership, Turtle Island worked with Epoch Lacrosse to design an apparel and shaft collection that showcases the goals, values and traditions of Turtle Island.

Turtle Island Lacrosse was founded by current professional lacrosse players Randy Staats and Brendan Bomberry. The two have developed a curriculum to provide groups and individual players with access to the knowledge and experiences that they gained themselves during each stage of their careers. Their ultimate goal is to spread the knowledge of their culture as Haudenosaunee people and the game throughout Turtle Island and beyond.

“Our goal is to educate players of our culture and the game of lacrosse. The stick is an important part of the game and we believe that it is an extension of our body. We wanted to create a shaft that would help depict our story and provide an understanding of our culture. The apparel collection also represents our mission, our culture and our history,” said Randy Staats– TIL Founder and Epoch Athlete. “Being an Epoch athlete, I knew that they had the technology to bring our design and story to life.”

Releasing today, the Turtle Island Lacrosse collection features a Dragonfly shaft designed by Turtle Island Lacrosse.  This shaft represents the Haudenosaunee Creation Story, which acknowledges elements of giving thanks to the people, Earth, waters, plants, animals, birds, bushes, trees, winds, sun, moon, stars, as well as the spiritual forces. This shaft is accompanied by three pieces of Turtle Island Apparel – an Epoch Deephaven Short Sleeve T-shirt, Wayzata short sleeve hooded T-shirt and Ranier athletic shorts. The collection as a whole represents Turtle Island, and the history, beliefs and culture of Haudenosaunee people.

“Working on this shaft and apparel line was an honor,” said Brian Hochman, Creative and Content Director of Epoch Lacrosse. “Randy, Brendan and the Turtle Island Lacrosse team spent time educating us on their culture and beliefs throughout the design process, helping us gain a deeper understanding of lacrosse but also the Haudenosaunee people.”

A portion of the proceeds from the Turtle Island Apparel and Shaft Collection will go towards outreach missions that promote inclusion and growth in high need areas. These areas consist of Indigenous communities and inner-city programs. These outreach missions work to ensure that everyone has the chance to experience the game gifted by the Creator. Turtle Island Lacrosse and Epoch Lacrosse believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to play this game and enjoy it. By supporting this apparel and shaft collection you are helping diminish the financial burdens associated with the modern game.

“Our company is extremely proud to partner with an organization focused on spreading the knowledge of the Haudenosaunee people,” said James Miceli principal and founder of Epoch Lacrosse. “Working with Turtle Island lacrosse, we can help create opportunities for players to learn and have a deeper understanding of their culture and the game of lacrosse.”

“I am extremely excited about the Turtle Island Collection and working with Epoch Lacrosse.” said Brendan Bomberry, TIL Founder and Current Professional Lacrosse Players. “Epoch asked that we spend time with them and teach them about the Haudenosaunee people. This dedication, learning and understanding is visible both in their product and company. I cannot wait for the future of Turtle Island Lacrosse. This Collection is just the beginning, stay tuned for more.”

The Turtle Island Dragonfly Lacrosse shaft will be $99.99 for a C30 iQ5 and $119.99 for a Integra X 30” Box Forward shaft. The Turtle Island Lacrosse shaft and apparel collection is available on www.epochlacrosse.com. Shop now and click here to support Turtle Island Lacrosse.

To learn more about Epoch Lacrosse, please visit www.epochlacrosse.com and follow the brand on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

To learn more about Turtle Island Lacrosse, please visit http://turtleislandlax.com/ and follow the organization on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

About Turtle Island Lacrosse

Turtle Island Lacrosse is Founded by Current Professional Lacrosse Players Randy Staats and Brendan Bomberry. They have developed a curriculum to provide groups and individual players with access to the knowledge and experiences that they have gained during each stage of their careers. Spreading the knowledge of their culture as Haudenosaunee people and the game throughout Turtle Island and beyond is their ultimate goal.

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