A Closer Look At the Z-One Head

A Closer Look At the Z-One Head

The stick might not make the player…but no one said it doesn’t help them out. And in terms of performance benefits, having the right head is essential. Just ask any professional lacrosse player: with a poorly designed head or a subpar pocket, playing the game to the best of your ability is difficult.

That’s where the Epoch Z-One head comes in. Designed by lacrosse players for lacrosse players, the Z-One delivers the ultimate combination of technology and performance. It offers a low pocket for speed and control, translating into big plays on the field, perfect for the prolific goal scorer. Plus, a narrow face shape with high flair contributes to the head’s superb speed and control for the elite offensive minded player.

Want proof? Look at the set-up used by 2019 PLL MVP and 2020 points leader Matt Rambo. Or the head preferred by electric Redwoods attackman Jules Heningburg. Or Chrome standout Jesse King. Or box athlete Randy Staats, or Austin Shanks. Tested and proven out by elite players at the highest level of the game, the Z-One is always ready to perform.

To see the magic of the Z-One for yourself, visit epochlacrosse.com and buy yours today.

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